Ron Bodkin

Founder & CEO
15 years as exec for ML companies
Created ChainML to to empower communities and Web3 protocols to control and benefit from AI.

  • VP of AI Engineering and CIO at Vector Institute. Applied AI to industry, health and safety and provided computing infrastructure and engineering for AI research.
  • Google Cloud CTO office. Leader for Applied AI collaborative innovation working with strategic customers and Google AI research and engineering teams.
  • Founder and CEO of Think Big Analytics - enterprise AI and engineering software and services. Acquired by Teradata. After acquisition, Ron led Think Big’s global expansion and created an AI product group at Teradata.
  • VP Engineering at Quantcast. Led AI and engineering teams for real-time advertising and audience insights business.
  • Co-Founder and CTO of C-Bridge Internet Solutions. Successful IPO.

Arnaud Flament

Proven leader in software engineering & AI
Focused on building a tamperproof protocol for decentralized machine learning computation for Web3 in a scalable way.

  • VP of Engineering at Ripcord. Led engineering and machine learning teams to build a highly scalable platform supporting digitization, content management and document understanding.
  • Senior Director of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence. Led the software engineering team to incubate AI technology into Teradata.
  • Director and Principal Engineer at EMC/Captiva/OpenText. Led the software engineering team to build an intelligent document extraction platform.
  • Senior Engineer at CapGemini. Technical lead of the software engineering team. Built a platform to compute aircraft performance for Airbus.

Ethan Jackson

Co-Founder & Lead ML Scientist
Expert in ML privacy & cryptography
Focused on developing core technologies and community-driven use cases for ML in Web3.

  • Applied Machine Learning Scientist at Vector Institute, serving as AI technical lead for projects in privacy enhancing techniques, time series forecasting, and large-scale mobility data modeling.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Guelph focusing on applied machine learning for economic forecasting.
  • Data Scientist at Preteckt, building ML models for predictive maintenance in transportation.
  • PhD in machine learning from Western University focusing on reinforcement learning.

David Mueller

Co-Founder & Head of Product
Experienced leader in AI and ML applications, product and strategy
Leadership in product strategy and management, excited to bring trustless machine learning to Web3.

  • Data Science Director at Coupang leading teams applying data science to solve problems in operational cost and fulfilment efficiency.
  • Product Management Director at Teradata leading the incubation of AI technology into Teradata's product offerings.
  • Data Science Practice Lead at Teradata, heading up Teradata's South East Asia's data science team.
  • Head of Data Science at intelliAd, a German adtech startup, focusing on advanced statistical attribution modeling and customer journey analytics.


Jeremy Millar

Chief of Staff, ConsenSys

Nate Holiday

Co-Founder & CEO, Space and Time

    Scott Dykstra

    Co-Founder & CTO, Space and Time

    Ben Murray

    Foresight Partners