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ChainML is proud to introduce Council: Production-Grade AI Agents

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ChainML helps companies build and transform products with next-generation generative AI.

Leverage (and Build) the Future of Generative AI

ChainML is building for a future where companies can seamlessly customize, compose, and integrate generative AI into products and applications. 

We work with clients on ideation, education, adoption, implementation and support, from an AI product idea to a scalable, affordable deployment.

Explore Our Offerings:


Priority support for open-source Council.

Our support encompasses rapid response times, developer office hours, tailored solutions to technical challenges, and expert guidance for optimizing your generative AI applications within the Council framework.


Hosting services for Council.

ChainML provides hosting services for generative AI applications built with Council that eliminate the burden of infrastructure management.

By entrusting us with the hosting of generative AI applications, clients can focus on refining their offerings while we handle the complexities of scalable and secure deployment.


Comprehensive AI education programs.

ChainML offers online and in-person courses and education services for business leaders and policy makers, looking to learn about cutting edge industry applications of AI.

We support enterprise AI transformations by providing comprehensive resources, tutorials, and training to empower teams with the knowledge needed to make informed and responsible decisions about AI.


AI expert consulting services.

For those seeking tailored guidance, our consulting services bring in-depth expertise to the table.

Our consultants work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, challenges, and goals. Drawing from our experience in developing generative AI applications, we provide strategic insights, architecture design, and optimization strategies that help you achieve optimal results.

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We are excited to be working with ChainML's Council to enable Houston's industry-leading AI functionality and power the ability to generate dashboards and build data pipelines with natural language prompts.
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Space and Time Co-Founder & CTO


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Ron Bodkin
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Ethan Jackson
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