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We are proud to introduce Theoriq

A modular and composable AI Agent Base Layer

The AI revolution will not be centralized. Humanity's ultimate tool should be shaped by consensus.

Research and development for a better future powered by AI agents

A Better Future Powered by AI Agents

ChainML is an AI research and development company dedicated to shaping a better future powered by AI agents.

We are the creators of Council Analytics, a generative AI-powered platform for conversational analytics.

Council Analytics enables the effortless and secure integration of talk-to-data capabilities into software products via API. It builds upon our open-source Council framework for production-grade AI agents.

Our Focus Areas

Council Analytics

Talk-to-data API for Software Applications

Council Analytics offers a commercial-grade API powered by generative AI that enables conversations with data.

It securely integrates with your products and data sources and allows users to perform advanced analytics via natural language and achieve consistent results that meet the highest business standards.

Council Open-Source

Open-Source Framework for AI Agents

Council is an open-source framework for production-grade AI agents, deployed with confidence. Council unlocks the full potential of LLMs like GPT-4, Llama 2, and Claude 2 for business, enabling advanced control and scalable oversight for agents, making them more reliable and secure for countless commercial use cases — from marketing to analytics, code generation, and beyond.

AI Agent Protocol

Widespread and Fair Access to AI Agents

ChainML is developing a Web3-enabled execution and utilization layer for AI Agents, a decentralized version of OpenAI’s GPTs Store.

The Protocol will be a key driver in establishing a Web3-based ecosystem for AI Agents. It offers a platform that is accessible, secure, and fair for both creators and users of AI Agents. The economic structure of the protocol, which emphasizes micropayments and account abstraction, promotes a more flexible and efficient way to pay for AI services.

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We are excited to be working with ChainML's Council to enable Houston's industry-leading AI functionality and power the ability to generate dashboards and build data pipelines with natural language prompts.
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