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Production-Grade AI Agents

Open-Source Framework for Production-Grade AI Agents, Deployed with Confidence

Council is an open-source framework for production-grade AI agents, deployed with confidence. Council unlocks the full potential of LLMs like GPT-4, Llama 2, and Claude 2 for business, enabling advanced control and scalable oversight for agents, making them more reliable and secure for countless commercial use cases — from marketing to analytics, code generation, and beyond.

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Council can be used for a variety of industry-ready use cases:

Application Chatbots

Integrated sophisticated agents to build conversational AI capabilities into applications that you can use with confidence and accuracy.

Customer Service

Customized next-generation chatbots for customer support, context-aware guidance for support agents, code generation that can integrate with the latest versions of software, and analyze log data to find root causes.

Self-Serve Analytics

Analyze and delegate data into AI models to generate analytical insights, charts, and dashboards tailormade for business and user needs.

Market Research

Automate research, document, summarize findings, and suggest actions for any topic of interest.

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